Decisions Determine Destiny.

We make decisions every day. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Of course, not all of them will have a huge impact on your life, but some will. I can think of a few specific decisions that have shaped the destiny of my life.

The first is my choice to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I can remember the specific moment when I decided that it was going to be a part of my life, for my whole life. I know that my faith has greatly shaped my life and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

The Second was a few years ago. I had just turned 30 and attended my first Close to my Heart Convention with my mom (one of my favorite trips ever). All attendees at this convention received a necklace. I have to be honest, I did not like it, at all. I thought it looked cheap and juvenile. But, I wore the necklace throughout the convention (as all the other attendees did) and by the end of the trip, I felt much different about it. When I returned home, the necklace held a different meaning for me so instead of worrying that someone would see me wearing a juvenile or cheap looking necklace, I wore it with pride. That was the moment I decided I no longer cared what people thought of me or how cool I am. I live for myself and I like myself more because of it.

The Third was when I decided that I need to plan for a life where I don’t get married or have children. Of course, there is always hope, and I am optimistic that it will happen someday, but planning for a life without it has given me a lot of peace. There is nothing scarier than the unknown for a person like me who is Type A, planner, organizer, leader, etc… So I decided that I was going to turn my unknown into a known. I know that I can provide for myself. I know that I can create a happy space to live in, I know that I can save for my retirement, I know that I can love my family and spoil my nieces and nephews, I know that I can travel to new places, and I know that I have a family and community of support around me if I need it.

And finally, was when I decided to love myself. I don’t know exactly when this happened. Truthfully, it is probably a decision I make every day. But even though it is a decision I make every day, I know that I was born with the ability to love myself, as we all are. I feel like perhaps it is a gift God has magnified for me because he knew I would need it as a single woman.

We are all destined for greatness, but I truly believe it is the decisions we make that take us there. Decisions Determine Destiny, it is this quote by Thomas S. Monson that inspired my newest DIY project.


I purchased the hexagon whiteboards at Target for $3 each. They were neon colored so I covered the whiteboard and spraypainted the frame with Rustoleum Gold Metallic spray paint.

I LOVE this Rustoleum Spray Grip accessory from Home Depot, but you can get it at Lowes, and Amazon as well, for about $2.50. It makes using spray paint so easy.  The only gold hooks I could find were $5 a piece and I did not love them, so I found some that came in a multi-pack (for about $7 a pack) and painted them gold as well.

Next, I took the piece of wood that I purchased for $8 (I had it cut while I was in the store) and sanded the edges and blemishes out. It only took about 3 min to do this. Then I took some wood stain I had and stained the wood.20180729_154348.jpg

I let the stain and the paint settle overnight. One of the mistakes I make commonly in my impatience to see the finished product is I don’t give an item enough time to really dry and settle. I am learning it makes a ton of difference in the finished product.

Once everything was dry I placed the hooks on evenly starting with the two in the middle and moving out.

I cut out the quote in vinyl using my Cricut in Babette font. Then put it all together.

I’d love to hear about what DIY projects you are working on! Make sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss any posts!


1 thought on “Decisions Determine Destiny.”

  1. Yes, the moment we realize that choices matter is the moment our lives change for the better.
    I love this whole post! The project is perfect!


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